Bill Cosby’s Twisted Double Life


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        I happened by the cashier newsstand last week and saw the cover of the National Examiner. It was kind of strange and yet – interesting. The cover depicted two images of Bill Cosby, one of the greats of comedy. That was the interesting part. The strange part was about his supposed double life.


Weird. Not only is his life double, it is also twisted. While standing in the checkout line, I began to muse on this supposed revelation. I imagined all sorts of twists on the twisted part. Within minutes I was able to devise several versions. I mean that I, for one, would never, ever, read one of these fantastical rags. I leave that up to the millions of moms worldwide who devour this sort of drivel. I still like the one about the Loch Ness monster being used by the U. S. Navy to spy on the Soviet Union.

Perhaps his life is double twisted. Whatever that is…

At any rate, I realized that there was much fodder here, from the title alone. By turns, I thought that maybe Mr. Cosby was Twisting (re: Chuck Berry). After all, he’s not that old. Hey, Don Ameche break danced in Cocoon. Or maybe that’s the wrong path to take this down?

The other turn was it was something else. After all, he was always talking about Camille, his wife. Perhaps it was related to that famous Keith Sweat song, Twisted. Did she somehow ‘twist’ him? And what does that entail?

But I finally figured out that it is most likely that he had a double life, being old and young at the same time. Think about it, with all the yearly, monthly and even daily advances in medicine. Sure, why not? Maybe this is the singularity that Ray Kurzweil is on about?

 Eventually, I just thought that Mr. Cosby was living that ultimate nightmare, worthy of a good Halloween story. That he had a twisted double. With a life.