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            From time to time I catch sight of an elderly gentleman in those clip-on suspenders that even kids no longer wear. When I see this, I invariably wonder what are they thinking. Anyway, it’s not really my business. Or maybe it is.

            Thinking about it, I know I am also aging. I will, in a few years, be collecting social security. That is, unless my writing career takes off. Who knows, I may have to supplement my income by printing money. How hard can it be? After all, the government is drowning us in near worthless paper.

            But I digress. To me, it’s a kind of fashion faux pas for anyone except some chic young teen something girl to wear clip-ons (yes, even TGI Friday suspenders are pretty darn ugly). However, I will concede that some men will be unable to find belts that fit. Even the stretchy kind. And going around like Jethro Beaudine with a rope tied at the waist might also be ridiculed. Unless my pants are made for suspenders (the button kind), I wear a belt. Usually I go without one, reflecting my happy go lucky attitude. My mother says it’s ‘cause I’m lazy.

            Really though.  Are they trying to get in touch with their childhood? Or is it something else? Something to which we are not privy. There are other concerns, however.

            Sometimes an older man will be wearing both belt and suspenders. My thinking is that this person has trust issues with his belt. Or he may just be needing that extra bit of security. Something like Linus’ security blanket. At any rate, the individual seems properly girded against the failing of his trousers and the exposition of his unmentionables such as white boxers and sock garters.

            Yes, I know. This doesn’t seem to be something that requires commentary, but it’s what I notice when waiting in line at the movies or at the burger joint. It’s just my musings.