On Star Trek: If redshirts die young, how come Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) Giotto has grey hair (Devil in the Dark)?

How come women think Capri pants are cute? They look unfinished. Kinda shorts, kinda not. They also really distort the bodies of thicker women, making the gluteus look much larger while giving the legs the appearance of being very thin.

How come Major League Baseball is so major league boring? Seriously, does it really take ninety minutes to play a game?

How come older people wear fanny packs? Are they too cheap to get pants with more pockets like cargo pants?

How come there are no baby pigeons? Where are the baby squirrels?

How come snails and frogs are only seen after a particularly heavy rain? Are they somehow sprung up from the drops that fall from the sky?

How come mixed breed dogs have a price? I saw an ad in the newspaper the other day: Pitbull/Chihauha mix, twenty five dollars. Forget the price, how is that even possible?

How come cartoon kids don’t age? Bart Simpson ought to be around 35 by now.

How come home internet charges don’t reflect a per unit (megabyte) cost? Believe me, buddy, it’s coming.

How come old men wear belts AND suspenders? Maybe it has to do with pants falling down around the ankles in waking nightmares. Certainly it looks comical.