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I was reading Opinionated Man’s blog a short while ago, and it brought back a memory. At the time, it wasn’t one of those cool memories. But it is now.

My brother and I went out on Hallowe’en night in 1978, to see the original Halloween. As we left the theater, our pickup was the only vehicle in the lot. The wind was gusting something fierce and the streetlights were all out. We couldn’t get into the pickup fast enough.

Coming back home from town, the moon was full, and clouds were zipping by, adding a real spookiness to the scene. Add to that, the narrow country roads we followed with only the headlights dimly lighting the way (this was before quartz halogens), with rain splattering now and then on the windshield timed with the gusts. It didn’t help that the trees lining the road seemed to be bowing over at their tops, creating an arching canopy and yet wildly swaying in the wind. The moon was intermittently visible between swaying branches as we raced home. I remember looking over and the speedometer reading 65 mph. I was in total agreement: We were getting home as fast as we could!

We made it to the house. Standing at the front door, the wind was fiercer and the rain stung our faces, cold and hard it was. Just as I finally fumbled the key into the lock and turned the knob, the shutters nearest us (we found out later) slammed against the wall so hard that I broke the key in the lock. You should have seen it!! Two scared witless almost grown men trying to get thru the doorway at the same time. I think my brother grabbed my hair and yanked me back. At any rate, it solved the problem and we were both in. We couldn’t calm our nerves for several hours after that.

To this day, Halloween is the only horror genre movie that ever frightened me. Any others are either pretty disgusting or I can’t stop laughing. Anyway, try watching it on Hallowe’en night in a dark theater (no lights at all) that is empty but for you and maybe one or two others. It’s pretty effective, especially for the drive home.