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Yes, I’ve had my box for a little over a year. Due to budget constraints, (wow, sounds so official) I resorted to getting one at the Federal Post Office, as opposed to the privately run Postal Center.

Now, the reason I have this little metal box is simple. The bank wants it. I am not sure why, as I never receive anything from them, not even a holiday card.

In fact, I only receive notices and requests for loans from other financial institutions. It is interesting to note that Citibank has known my address for the last ten years while my own bank requests an address update every time I log on. Maybe they think I fell off the Earth or something.

However, it is not only my bank and the government who benefit from my having to rent this little 6 by 5 by 14 inch aluminum chute. At least one investor and another person receive mail within my box. I may seem like I am complaining about this, but if it weren’t for their mail, I’d receive none at all. But do the pieces I send back have to come back twice before returning to sender?

You know, if I were a spy or some other covert government functionary, it might be cool that the Postal Workers address me by the names of the former owners.

But it’s not. Yeah, sometimes they call me Mr. Hynds or Mr. Rosario. I just wish they’d either call me by my own name or not at all.

At any rate, this is such a minor thing that it isn’t really an inconvenience. At least Citibank knows I’m alive.