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Waking up this morning, I heard a woman talking about Everett’s Many Worlds Interpretation. As I was coming awake, I also suddenly remembered a tune from Hee Haw, an old American television program centered on Country Music. Only the lyrics were odd somehow…

Gloom, despair and agony on me,

Deep, dark depression, excessive misery,

If it weren’t for multi-verse bad luck,

I’d have no luck at all…

Yeah. That’s how my mind works. I always find something funny in something serious. Go figure.

But I got to thinking about it. I know it may be a load of peanut butter, but I think that, with the continued pushing back of boundaries, science may actually discover this to be true. That scares me.

You see, I feel that this existence in which I currently reside is somehow the control for the others. Or maybe not. If that’s so, then the others that are me are doomed. Doomed to an existence of barely breaking even, let alone bad. I got enough to worry about with just my prime self.

If dreams are any indication, then I think I need not worry. For when I am fast asleep, I often dream about me, my favorite subject. I know, it’s so conceited.

Anyway, I often dream that I am still in the Navy, or even have retired from there or some other branch. I’ve even dreamt that I was a famous scifi author. In some dreams I die in a horrible accident, but mostly, it’s an outtake of my daily routine.

Sometimes I see a newscast about something that hasn’t happened in real life, and is plausible, even probable. And as reality may follow imagination, I will often see that event on the news within a week or even a day in the real world. Weird.

Mostly, though, I don’t care. Either about the news or my supposed other selves. It’s just some harmless speculation from a mind that has no input when I am sleeping. But I think I would be rattled if somehow one of those copies of me would communicate to me through these little nightmares.

What could I do? I certainly couldn’t prove that a parallel universe existed. Or could I? What if my counterpart had an evil looking beard, a-la Mr. Spock. I am not sure if I would want to respond for fear of him somehow influencing me. Yes, ever since that episode, I view all beards with suspicion. That also goes for certain hairless individuals (I am certain they are clones).


Evil Spock is plotting my demise.

As I say, it doesn’t matter. Nothing I can do about it, except figure out how I may defend myself in my dreams. If only I’d never have to sleep again.