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If humans become Martians, will they become Homo Aries?

I don’t care: The book I’d most like to read, 50 Shades Of I Don’t Care.

Schrödinger’s cat is the beginning. It delves into something deeper. I don’t really want to go there…

How come Ethan Hunt doesn’t use an iPad when receiving his messages from the IMF? Is there an Ethan Hunt and Apple rift? Is the 500 dollar cost somehow going to break the budget of a 150 million dollar movie? Come on, who still uses DVDs?

Navy definition of portable: Must weigh less than 500 pounds. Oh yes, must have a handle. Other incongruities abound.

I discovered recently that they serve horse food at McDonald’s. It’s true. Oats in tiny little cups. And them little apples that horses love so much. It’s a wonder that the sugar doesn’t come in cubes.

Why do newspapers even sell? The news is the same every day, only the names change.

Alien sex? Is that sex with aliens? Illegal aliens? Space aliens? Which is more interesting? What if space aliens look like they’re from Nebraska?

I wanted to watch Déjà Vu. But I didn’t. Cause I had the feeling it had happened before.

My computer is dyslexic: I KNOW I am typing the correct spelling. Yet, somehow the machine screws this up. Even auto-correction gives me the wrong spelling. I thought this would go away when I switched from a typewriter.

typewriterEvery day I check the mirror for something funny. Odd, I just don’t see it.