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As you may know, I am a lover of video games. Right now, I am realizing that it is good that I am only playing casually. That’s because I’m not particularly good at the game. Anyway, it’s cool as a time waster.


You know, I would complain about the lack of 3-D graphics. But I realize that I’m not very good at the game. In fact, I don’t even attempt landings. The last time I did that, I drove my capsule forty two miles into the ground. In real life I could’ve maybe found oil.

But since I can get into solar orbit, I can then leave Smearth and coast over to Smercury or out to Sneptune. Of course my astronauts know its a one way trip. I haven’t been able to bring them back. Good thing they aren’t real.


It’s okay, though. The game is a lot of fun. I know one thing, however.

I am NOT a Rocket Scientist!