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Yes, it’s true. I know that no one believes me, but there are times when it happens.

Take what happened to me today, when I realized I only have a very mild case of the flu.

It took four days of coughing, feeling mild chest pain and excruciating upper back pain (between the shoulder blades). I didn’t get a clue until this afternoon when I realized I hadn’t been able to pop my neck all week. You know, I can be so dumb at times.

Anyway, I was paranoid. I thought, by turns, that I was…

A) Having a heart attack.

B) Really exhausted.


C) Hacking from my liberal use of pipe tobacco.

i only realized a couple hours ago that I also had a fever. And that my neck was really stiff. Just like it always is when I get the flu. Perhaps it’s cause my neck is so thick. (18 and a half inches) Or maybe it’s the kind of flu that swine have.

Anyway, I am so relieved. I did cut back again on the smoking. But don’t worry, I’ll be back to puffing like a choo choo in no time.