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Yes. That myth about sugar making a person hyper, well it just doesn’t wash with me. Even if I am washing down a York Peppermint Pattie with a half liter of coke.

I can give an inventory of what I consumed within 21 minutes:

2 half liter bottles of Coca-Cola

2 York Patties

2 slices of Dominos very drippy and oily pepperoni pizza

(actually, that was about ten minutes earlier).

Now I feel tired. So tired I want to fall asleep on this keyboard. Hold on while I take a selfie of that.

I was thinking of getting a Good Humor Drumstick. However, now that I’m feeling oh-not-so-well, I think I’ll beg off.

In fact, I feel like it could be a medical emergency.

My left arm hurts. Just below the elbow.

Could it be the gout? Someone told me that it sounds like gout. I don’t know. Whoever heard of gout being near the elbow?

Ah, relief. I realized that my arm was resting on the sharp corner of this table.

For a moment there, I thought I might have to blame global warming, just like the severe cold spells these past few weeks.