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As some may know, I have been unemployed for nearly five years. In that time I have applied to hundreds of jobs, most of which I know for which I am well qualified. However, being qualified isn’t the whole answer. I must also be young. Which I am not.

Even as I have been gone from my previous job these many moons, memory of my employment at where I worked last has escaped those who still work there. So when a prospective employer calls there, the answer is that they never heard of me. That’s okay. Something else happened a few days ago which, upon review, made me giggle.

It was a Tuesday. I was working on some notes for my blog when my cell beeped. It beeped once, twice and I was able to catch it on the third beep. Let me tell you, I damn near wrenched my ankle as I lunged for that call. Not to mention that I knocked over the small lamp table upon which the phone was resting.

Anyway, I got a call about a security guard job. The person on the other end introduced himself and proceeded to tell me of the parameters of the job and the responsibilities. I was so very excited.

He continued talking about the company and their assets and where the guard office was located.

Then he asked me something.

He wanted to know where the interview was being held.

You know, I was so excited, and then crashed so hard at his utterance that I coulda had a stroke!

Oh well, that’s life. I applied for three more jobs today.