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     Ever been told that you were somewhere where you were not? You know, maybe it was at the mall. Maybe it was somewhere else? For me, I’ve even had a person at one time or another who told me I was at a party at such and such’s house and that we were deep in conversation, for example.

     Really weird to me, this fake doppelganger kind of existence. At least I think it’s fake. Oh, I am sure that I don’t have a doppelganger. I think people are just mistaken. Or could it be something else entirely?

     Recently, I came across an article where scientists may be able to prove there is more than one universe. Something about disturbances in the CMB map where our universe was ‘bruised’ by impacts with other universes. While I’ve seen several television episodes and read novels and stories of such a thing, I don’t put any stock into it. At least until I have begun to examine my own experiences. You know, there may just be something to this…

     Now I’ve never had an experience where I’d mistaken someone’s physical location or had even a hint of hallucinating a conversation with them. But, I do have recollection of people (usually famous) passing away that is different from reality. Even some minor world events have different dates from my memory. Sometimes this is confirmed by family members who were present during the announcement on the TV or the radio. Even one was in the local newspaper. Several people have even told me that they’d heard or read that I myself had died.

     Well, being the curious soul that I am, I have begun to research this phenomenon. I have, by now, read all the remotely relevant articles published in Scientific American (my main source of things scientific) in the last 40 years. As well, I have surfed the net for information but have only been rewarded with the gobbledygook of arcane and intricate formulas that I cannot begin to understand were additional lifetimes afforded to me.

     I would contact a pre-eminent scientist, but I don’t personally know any. Of course, I’d like to ask Dr. Tyson about it, but he’s often busy discussing the space program and the film Gravity. I was also going to try to chat up Dr. Kaku last winter, but he was ice skating in Central Park. So I know that I will have to find the answers on my own. That’s okay, it’s somewhere I’ve been before. Only hope that while I’m trying to figure this out, that I don’t have to deal with a doppelganger’s mayhem.

     Just being one of myself is hard enough!