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     Each passing day takes me further from childhood. However, in a way, each day brings me closer to those experiences that I left so far behind in the ever dimmer past.
     There were dreams then. Dreams of science that would bring the riches of technology beyond the dreams of avarice. Alas, it was not to be.
     Among other things, NASA got into a penny pinching frenzy spurred by that equally shortsighted institution known as Congress. They killed Skylab before it could become infrastructure for a more ambitious program of space colonization and exploration.

     Oh Snap!! And you thought I was being serious. Well, I guess I wasn’t.

     Actually, this article is about all the fallacies that were drilled into me by the media and the school system. Through them, I learned to expect that hype was the norm and that until Steve Jobs came along, innovation was only a buzz word.
Yes, there was optimism, but it was false. Just like the truths they were telling us.

Flying Cars
     Yeah, I remember older kids like teenagers and young adults telling me about how I had a flying car or an auto gyro to look forward to in my driveway. Well, I recall thinking that most people can’t seem to drive their regular cars well enough… So how were we gonna navigate the suburban skies without colliding?
     Thank God that someone hasn’t yet got that right. Can you imagine that it would be worse than rush hour on the 405?

Cure For Cancer
     When I was in the 5th grade, a teacher told me that one day a person could get a shot and never fear getting cancer. She said that while handing me a paper cup filled with Kool-Aid.

     Mars was the so-called other twin of Earth. Sure, it was sandy brown and had dark areas and some snow caps at the poles. But it went from being a mysterious world to a vast sere wasteland that held out a dim hope of having once harbored life. On the way there, bad photography gave us modern myths like the Face in Cydonia and an elusive underground world ocean.
     Plus they were always trying to scare us with the crazy Martian weather. You know, those giant and nearly infinitely tall tornadoes and the the hemisphere spanning windstorms. What they didn’t tell us was that if we were standing in the middle of it we’d only know it cause the sky seemed dirtier than usual. And that’s just on the day side.

     Yeah. That was even more stupid than Mars being a stunted twin of Earth. There was so much talk about going there to live, even though traces of battery acid were detected in the upper atmosphere. Maybe they expected we’d all get to like having our respiratory systems cleared of tissue and having to go around naked cause our clothes would dissolve right off our backs. Maybe even right after our skin did the same.
     What’s more, we found out that the ‘sea level’ air pressure was something like 800 psi and the temperature was a slightly balmy 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Then we also found out that Venus’ day takes longer than its year. Oh yeah, Venus’ rotation is retrograde, meaning backward. I guess it really didn’t want to be that close a relative.
     But the real kicker? If we don’t watch out, we’ll have runaway greenhouse effect like our ersatz clone.
     Yes, Venus, as far as I’m concerned, is our planet’s Evil Twin.

     I recently read an article about a breakthrough made in harnessing the power of the sun. For the first time, a reaction went beyond the ‘break even’ point of energy in versus energy out, netting a tiny bit of gain. Whatever. The article still said fusion was 50 years away.
     Well, I have news for you. In 1973, the last time there was a big breakthrough, fusion was announced to be ‘only’ 50 years away.

     So yeah, all these ‘truths’ out there. And people still believe the ‘experts’ who bring out this BS. Some fool is now telling us that life on Mars would be great. Well maybe, if you add things like water and trees and stock the seas with fish that live in sand. As for me, I’m gonna just wait for another Steve Jobs to take us where we all really wanna go.