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Well, it appears that the latest iteration of that famous show, 24, with that now famous agent, Jack Bauer, is now over. However, my sources in Hollywood tell me that this is not the case. Let me give you the lowdown on the next version of 24.

Bauer Edited Since there is a very real and great demand for more of this iconic show and its now classic character, there is pressure to recreate this show into a more futuristic format. Yes, Jack Bauer will eventually leave the Earth for other parts of the Solar System.

As we all know, the Earth’s actual day is something like 23 hours and 33 minutes, give or take. Rounded up to fit sixty minutes into an hour, each day is therefore twenty four hours in length. And yes, for those more rabid fans, 24 hours just isn’t enough hours in the day. I know, for I am one of those more rabid fans. Although, I have yet to drool or foam at the mouth during an episode.

Anyway, back on track. There are other places in the Solar System where he could ply his tradecraft of master agent and infiltrator. On Mercury, a day would seem to never end. But I think Jack would be too tired to complete an eternal season. On Venus, a day would be equivalent to 244 Earth days, but the episodes would run backward. Slowly. The gas giants and their moons, as well as our own Moon, are also inappropriate places for Jack Bauer to found an interplanetary CTU. In fact, there is but one other place for him to be.


Yes, you guessed it. That is, unless you read the line above first. Think about it. Mars has an extra thirty eight minutes after 24 hours so that each day would have an extra hour. Yes, you guessed it again.

25 Just think of all the new scenarios that Jack could get into. Why, he could uncover the evil machinations of a corporation bent on terraforming the natural landscape at the expense of the self stranded colonists. Even, as I am thinking of the possibilities, Jack Bauer could find the real significance of the Face of Cydonia.

Or maybe he’d just give us another hour of intrigue and plot twists at one of those cool sci-fi mining stations that the special effects guys could dream up.

But what’d really be cool is the narrative. For the first time, it’d really ring true:

“Right now, terrorists are plotting to drop the moon Phobos right on to our colony of unsuspecting colonists. With my family left behind on Earth, I am having to adjust to lower gravity and red sand in my shorts. I’m federal agent Jack Bauer, and today is the longest day of my life.”

Anyway, I hope there’s at least another season or even half season soon. I really need another 24 fix. It’s a drug that I can’t get enough of.