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     So I understand that there is a new Rambo movie coming, namely Rambo 5. I expect the venerable Sylvester Stallone will reprise the role of the hard luck ex-soldier. What escapes me is what would be the subtitle.

     Thinking about this, I can name a few. Maybe it would be one of the following?

     Rambo 5: Last Blood

     Rambo 5: Full Retirement

     Or maybe even, Rambo 5: One More and Over The Hill.

     It was even suggested by someone that he may even, after the fashion of Dr. Richard Kimble, be sporting a more youthful look. I couldn’t see how this would be happening, but was reminded by this same person that it would be possible with a prodigious amount of ‘wire work’ as in facial remapping in ‘The Running Man’. As well, this happened with Ah-Nuld in ‘Terminator Salvation’.

     Wire work, or as it is better known in CGI circles, is called meshing. It could easily be handled by Zoic or some other CGI house.

     Even as I am writing this, I have now realized the true title of what this latest installment of the epic saga should be: Rambo 5: Cure of Declining Box Office Returns.